(PRIDE cards represent a structured behavior program designed for most students.  Each teacher/administrator has the right to use his/her professional judgment to modify this plan for individual students as needed.)

    Each quarter, all Middle School students will receive a PRIDE card and are expected to have it in their possession during the school day except at lunch.

    Teachers will use the positive side of the PRIDE card to record student character that is above and beyond expected behavior.

    Parents are strongly urged to review their child’s PRIDE card daily.


    Disciplinary Procedures

    After being seated in a classroom, a student will place their PRIDE card positive side up on the aisle side of the upper corner of their desk.


    Step 1: If a student displays an infraction of the character traits, then they may receive a verbal warning or an immediate infraction depending on the nature of the behavior.  If a verbal warning is given, the teacher may take the student’s card as a reminder that the next step may happen if the behavior does not improve.


    Step 2: If after receiving a verbal warning a student continues displaying infractions in character,  then the teacher will record an infraction on the student’s PRIDE card.


    Step 3: If a student receives three character infractions on their PRIDE card in one day, then they will receive an afterschool detention (See AFTER SCHOOL DETENTIONS section).


    Step 4: If a student earns more than three infractions in one day or more than 5 in a week, the teacher may choose to write an office referral for repeated minor infractions and place the student in another classroom for the remainder of the day to practice their school work. 


    Physical or verbal aggression, theft, vandalism, threatening acts, fighting, or any infraction listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (which can be found on the Norterra Canyon website) will warrant immediate consequences in the form of an office referral or teacher issued afterschool detention at the administration’s discretion.


    Any student who loses their PRIDE card will have it replaced with a white PRIDE card (with an infraction in the area of “prepared for class”) and will be exempt from participating in the PRIDE Card Quarterly Celebration.  If the student finds their character card, then it is their responsibility to bring both the white PRIDE card and their original character card to their homeroom teacher.  The homeroom teacher will transfer all positives and infractions onto the original PRIDE card.


    Character Traits

    Teachers will use the PRIDE cards when completing the student conduct portion of the quarterly report cards.  Student conduct areas listed on the infraction side of the character card align with the conduct areas listed in the Deer Valley Unified District’s Promotion-Retention-Assessment Grading Handbook, as well as the conduct areas listed on the quarterly report cards.  Any student receiving nine (9) or more infractions, more than one afterschool detention, or a suspension during the quarter will receive at least an “N” indicating need for improvement on their quarterly report card.  Please find explanations for each of the conduct areas below:


    Conduct Area                                       Explanation


    Listens attentively                                                       Actively listens and is involved in instructional presentation


    Follows directions                                                        Follows teacher’s instruction promptly without excessive



    Stays on task                                                               Is appropriately engaged in classroom activities


    Works well independently                                           Works independently without undue assistance from

                                                                                          teacher or others


    Gum                                                                               Chewing gum on school grounds                                           


    Functions as a group member                                      Works cooperatively with others


    Completes work in a timely manner                             Turns in completed assignments at the time the teacher

                                                                                          has specified


    Prepared for class                                                       Has necessary items and supplies


    Respects rights and property of others                   Respects and accepts differences among others including

                                                                                          the property of others


    Technology                                                                    Using Computer inappropriately


    Respects authority                                                      Respects and accepts direction from school staff


    Exhibits self-control                                                   Is able to stay in seat, respond appropriately to requests

                                                                                          and conversations and respect others’ learning


    Follows school and classroom rules                                           Obeys all campus and classroom rules


    Late for Class                                                               Is more than 3 minutes after the class start time without a pass.


    Students are expected to complete and turn their homework in when due. Students will receive a Homework infraction for each missing assignment. If a student receives five (5) infractions for MISSING HOMEWORK, then they will receive an Afterschool Detention on either a Tuesday or a Thursday. Parents will be notified by email and a phone call (message will be left on voice mail if available). If the student does not attend the assigned Detention (unless other arrangements have been made), they will be given an additional Detention. Students are expected to use this time to make up any missing work. Students, who receive multiple detentions in a month will be referred to administration at the teacher’s discretion.



    Detentions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:05 – 4:00pmParents will be notified by email and a phone call (message will be left on voice mail if available). If the student does not attend the assigned Detention (unless other arrangements have been made), they will be given an additional Detention. Students who walk or ride their bike home may still do so. Students who ride the bus must be picked up by a parent/guardian.


    Students are expected to respect the following guidelines during detention:

    • Students must bring something to work on during detention: school work, homework, projects, or reading material. Students may not sleep and are expected to work productively. Students may not talk or disturb others in the classroom.
    • Students may not bring or use video games, cards, iPODS, ear phones, cell phones or other entertainment items during after-school detention. If the student chooses to use any of these items, the detention teacher will take the item and turn it in to the office and a parent must collect the item.
    • Tardiness or Failure on a student's part to attend the assigned after-school detention or to follow the guidelines as stated above will result in an additional detention and/or further disciplinary action.


    Students are expected to use the bathroom facilities before school, between classes, or during lunch. Students will be allowed to use the restroom during class time up to two (2) times throughout the day. Students with extenuating circumstances will be handled on an individual basis.



    We would like to reward all Middle School students (6th, 7th & 8th) at the end of each quarter who have received more positives than infractions on their character cards (2:1 ratio), have not received more than one after-school detention, and have had no on-campus or off-campus suspensions. Students who meet the criteria will be able to attend a Quarterly Reward Celebration.  Students who do not meet the criteria will complete an assignment during the quarterly reward celebration time that requires them to reflect on ways they can meet the criteria to participate in the next Quarterly Celebration.