• Grading Info


    We are excited for our new grading scale this year! I know it is a HUGE adjustment and will take some time to grow into, but the new system ensures that your student's grade reflects their academic performance and not their behavior or penalizing them for taking longer than a peer to grasp a concept. I strive to give your student valuable feedback on their assignments throughout the year, and will reach out to you for support if necessary regarding any behavioral concerns like late and missing work. This new system really creates an opportunity to maximize academic opportunities and focus on behavior as a behavior issue separate from their academic scores. 



    The official gradebook is the PowerSchools gradebook. You may notice a difference between the Canvas grade and the PowerSchools grade. The Canvas grade is NOT an official grade.


    Accounting and Marketing Gradebook Categories:

    Daily Work in this class will be worth 20% of your grade. This will include vocabulary, lesson practice and review, and other classroom activities.

    Assessments in this class are worth 80% of your course grade. This will include tests, projects, and performance assessments.


    Re-Take/Reassessment Procedure

    All students will have the opportunity to improve their learning. At O'Connor, we instill in our students the value of learning from our mistakes and failures. We recognize and reward hard work, grit, and determination.

    At O’Connor, students will be allowed to retake assessments/assignments during the same grading period to show the student’s current proficiency level of the standards.

    • Students will be afforded extra time for learning; however, there is an ending point for each course in which final reports on a student’s learning must be conveyed. Late work will not be accepted after December 3, 2021 for the Fall Semester and May 6, 2022 for the Spring Semester. 
    • End of term or capstone projects and performance assessments will not be eligible for retakes.
    • Assessments/assignments may be in an alternate format for reassessment.
    • Students are required to show evidence of learning and applying the teacher’s feedback in order to earn a reassessment opportunity.


    Accounting Re-Take / Reassessment Specific Procedures:

    Daily Work (20% of course grade):

    Assignments – OWP and Application: Students may redo all Online Working Papers and Application Problems in the textbook as many times as necessary to master the content. Students may contact me during class or via Canvas message to have me reset their submission.

    Assignments – all others: Students may redo any assignment (other than Online Working Papers and Application Problems) that they score a 2 or below on.

    Assessments (80% of course grade):

    Objective Assessment: Students will be given an opportunity to complete test corrections for objective assessments they score a 2 or below on. They must both identify AND explain the correct answer for their corrections to be assessed.

    Unit Projects and Mastery Problems: Students will be give an opportunity to redo unit projects and Mastery Problems they score a 2 or below on.

    Cumulative Performance Assessments: Students will NOT be given an opportunity to redo these assessments. There will be a “No Retake” reminder on each of these assessments when assigned.


    For more details on our grading system you can reference the course syllabus.