• Professional Learning Communities  

    What is it?

     During the Friday early dismissal days,

    our teachers work collaboratively as a team

    to create meaningful and engaging

    activities for our students.


    What do teachers do?

    During this time, we analyze our student

    work and data. We then use this information

    to change our instruction and meet

    the needs of our students. 


    Check It Out!  

  • What Are We

    Working On?  


              QUARTER 1

    Letter Names and Sounds

    This quarter is largely focused

    on building the foundation to

    Reading and Writing. 


    By the end of October, we expect

    all students to know the letter name

    and sound for every upper and

    lowercase letter in the alphabet.


  • How It Impacts

    Our Classrooms?  


    QUARTER 1           

    Letter Names and Sounds

     Students participate in teacher

    instruction and independent work

    using a variety of effective

    strategies and manipulatives.


    We make learning FUN when

    achieving our Goal!





    Our learning is always changing and growing!

    Be sure to check in regularly to see what else we are working on.