Week 12 (Oct. 13-15)

    STEM Syllabus

    Spark Video

    STEM Awareness


    Week 13 (Oct. 18-22)

    STEM Careers

    Caine's Life Story

    Arcade Game Activity


    Week 14 (Oct. 25-29)

    Build Week (Arcade Game)

    Presentation Day

    Kindercats to Arcade Game


    Week 15 (Nov. 01st-05)

    Arcade Reflection

    Air Quality Intro

    Arizona State of Air Quality

    County Investigation


    Week 16 (Nov. 8-12)

    STEM Challenge

    Particle Collector

    Dig Deeper Activity


    Week 17 ( Nov. 15-19)

    STEM Challenge

    Sources of Air Pollution

    Stationary vs Mobile Sources of Pollution

    Our Health


    Week 18 (Nov. 29-Dec. 01)

    Health effect of Air Pollution

    DIY Lung Model

    Measuring FeV1

    Apply your Knowledge


    Week 19 ( Dec. 06-Dec. 10)

    Final Project Planning

    Project Presentation


    Week 20 (Dec. 13-Dec. 17)

    iFly Field Trip

    Guest Speaker

    Edible Car Challenge