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    Week 11 (Oct.13-15)

    Review Biotechnology

    Selective Breeding & Cloning

    Quiz 1


    Week 12 (Oct. 18-22)

    Biotechnology Project



    Week 13 (Oct. 25-29)

    Intro to Evolution

    Darwin's Natural Selection

    Lamarck's Acquired Characteristics

    Evidence of Evolution 

    Simulation Lab

    Test 1 (Modules 7-8)


    Week 14 (Nov. 01st-05)

    Gizmo on Natural Selection

    Comic Strip on principles of Natural Selection

    Adaptations: Structural & Behavioral

    Interactions among living organisms 


    Week 15 (Nov. 8-12)

    Symbiotic Relationships

    Comparing Climates (Extension Activity)

    Quiz 2


    Week 16 (Nov. 15-19)

    CER & Data Practice (Articles)

    Discovery Ed. reading assigned

    Project in Class

    Project Presentations


    Week 17 (Nov. 29- Dec. 03)

    Ugly Sweater Sem Review Concept

    Discovery Ed. Assigned Reading

    Fossils and the Earths Past

    Great Fossil Find Lab 

    Q2 Test 2 


    Week 18 (Dec. 06-Dec. 10)

    Fossil Evidence

    Fossil Dig Lab

    Geologic Time Scale

    Mass Extinction

    Lab Simulation

    Q2 Test 2 Retake


    Week 19 (Dec. 13-Dec. 17)

    Origin and  Early history of the Earth

    Adopt a Dinosaur Activity

    Dino Fossil Lab

    Holiday Gift Exchange/Ornament Making

    8th Grade Reward Party/Pep Rally






    Week 1 (Aug. 02-06)

    All About Me

    Class Norms

    Interactive Science Notebook

    Scientific Inquiry & Engineering Design (Save Fred)

    Noticing & Wondering


    Week 2 (Aug 09-13)

    Safety Lab Procedures

    Common Lab Tools

    Observation vs Inferences

    Claim, Evidence, Reasoning


    Week 3 (Aug. 16-20)

    Claim, Evidence & Reasoning

    Experimental Design Critique

    Identifying Variables

    Quiz #1 


    Week 4 (Aug. 23-27)

    Methods & Procedural Writing

    Data Analysis

    Writing a Conclusion


    Week 5 (Aug. 30-Sept. 03) 

    Fortune Fish Investigation Lab

    Lab Report Writing

    Quiz #2


    Week 6 (Sept. 8-11)

    Microscopic Skill 

    Preparation of Slides

    Intro. to Discovery Ed. lessons & Gizmo



    Week 7 (Sept. 13-15)

    Reproductive Success

    Sexual vs Asexual

    Simulation Lab

    Quarter Test 1


    Week 8 (Sept. 20-24)

    DNA Molecule

    Structure & Function

    DNA Lab Extraction

    Edible DNA 

    Take-home Quiz 


    Week 9 (Sept. 27-Oct. 01st)

    Intro. to Heredity

    Genetics in the Garden (Mendel)

    Punnett Square

    Q1 Final Test


    Week 10 (Oct. 04-07)

    Heredity Lab Simulation

    Genetic Mutations


    Gizmo: Mose Genetics