• Preferred contact: Email robert.morgan@dvusd.org

    • I will respond to questions through Canvas (for students) or email as quickly as I can. Please put what the topic is for your question in the subject line. The school day is when I can respond the fastest. After school I will only be checking my email until 3:30. After that time, I will respond the next day. Email will not be checked on the weekend unless we are in the middle of a big project. Thank you!

    Due Dates For All Work:

    I encourage you to plan ahead for this semester and allocate time in your schedule for accessing the course to read messages, review lessons, complete assignments, and submit tests. We cover a lot of content in 7th grade.

    Please log in on Monday to view your assignments for the week. All assignments will be due the Friday of the week they are posted (with the exception of some projects). Please do not wait until the last day to complete ALL the assignments for the week. Each individual unit will have a closing date after the last assessment is given within the unit. Once this date has passed, all grades for that unit are finalized and no more work can be turned in. There will be a two-week notice for when a unit will be closing.

    Time management is essential to your success in this course. We move very fast through the content. If something comes up, please message me on Canvas, or via email. I am here to help you and understand that your schedule and life are as crazy as mine! We can work around due dates on an as-needed basis, with the exception of closed units. 


    Time management is the biggest factor I have seen affect past students’ performance in school. Set yourself up for success and start planning now.


    Late Work Policy: 

    Zeros for Missing Assignments will typically go into the grade book the week after the due date. I try my hardest to grade completed assignments within a week of turning them in.

    Late work will be accepted up until the unit closes. Once the unit closes, you will no longer be able to complete work on that unit.