• Benefits of Dual Enrollment

    1. Earn High School and College Credit at the Same Time

    Dual enrollment is a program that allows eligible students currently attending Maricopa County public schools and participating private and charter schools to simultaneously enroll in college courses.

    Earned Rio Salado College credits count toward high school graduation and can be applied to a college degree or certificate.

    2. Be College Ready

    Dual enrollment provides quality learning opportunities by helping high school students prepare for college. The student's high school to college transition begins early in a familiar and comfortable environment. 

    According to a recent study from the Community College Research Center at Columbia University, 88% of dual enrollment students who took community college courses in high school continued pursuing college after high school, with most achieving a degree or transfer within six years.

    3. Save Money on Tuition

    Dual enrollment courses are cost effective with students getting low community college tuition rates. Qualifying students may receive tuition assistance based on financial need.

    High schools usually pay for dual enrollment college textbooks. Dual enrollment students usually only pay tuition. Tuition for dual enrollment courses is the same at all Maricopa Community Colleges and significantly less than the typical four-year college.

    4. Earn a College Degree in Less Time

    Taking college classes while a student is in high school reduces the amount of credits needed for a degree when the student eventually pursues college full time. Students can usually graduate or transfer earlier.

    5. Student Success Coaching

    Dual Enrollment has two Student Success Coaches on staff. They are available to meet with students and parents to discuss the best path towards earning an Associate's degree, or one of many certificates (AGEC, et.al.).

    They can meet with students as young as 8th grade going into their freshmen year of high school, so they start on the right track (depending on which high school they will be attending). Rio Salado College's Dual Enrollment Office is the only Dual program within the Maricopa Community College District with Success Coaches on staff.