• Associate Degree and AGEC

    AGEC – “Gen eds” Arizona General Education Curriculum (35 college credits)

    AA/AS –Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (60 college credits)


    More information about the AGEC here.


    What would earning an Associate Degree look like in my schedule?

    Example schedule:





    ELA 1-2 Honors

    ELA 3-4 Honors 


    English 110/101

    (Junior ELA)

    English 102/111

    (Senior ELA)

    Algebra 1-2 Honors

    Geometry 1-2 Honors

    Algebra 3-4 Honors

    MATH 151/206

    (Senior Math)


    HIS 110/111 (WH Honors)

    History 103/104

    (Junior history)

    POS 110/Econ

    (Senior history)

    Biology Honors Earth Science Honors

    Chemistry 130

    BIO 160 Anatomy
    Spanish 1-2 Spanish 3-4 Spanish 101/102 Spanish 201/202
    Elective Elective Elective  

    With one summer course of COM 100, this student would graduate with an Associate of Arts with 61 college credits


    First AGEC and AA degree awarded - 2015

    Class of 2019 and 2020:

    29 Associate degrees and 15 AGECs awarded 

    Class of 2021:

    12 Associate degrees and 6 AGECs awarded

    Class of 2022 on track for: 

    18 Associate degrees and 8 AGECs