• Certificate of Advanced Academics

    The Certificate of Advanced Academics provides SDOHS students with the opportunity to showcase their academic excellence and dedication. The certificate will supplement their diploma and serve as an indication of their rigorous course work above and beyond the district requirements. It allows students to showcase college readiness, 21st century skills, and elevate themselves above Arizona’s standard high school graduates. This distinction celebrates their academic talents and commitment to excellence.

    The certificate is awarded at graduation and reflects four years of advanced course work and service learning. The requirements are designed to honor truly advanced learners and acknowledge the time and dedication it takes to pursue a four-year program of advanced course work and commitment to their communities.

    To apply, download and complete the Application for the Certificate of Advanced Academics and submit to Mr. Brazell by 3pm February 11, 2022

    Application for Certificate of Advanced Academics 2021-22

    The Requirements are:

    1. Academic Rigor
      • Freshman Year: 3 Honors Courses
      • Sophomore Year: 3 Honors Courses
      • Junior Year: 3 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses OR 2 Dual Enrollment & 2 AP courses
      • Senior Year: 3 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses OR 2 Dual Enrollment & 2 AP courses
    2. Grade Point Average
      • Must be at or above 4.0
    3.  Course Load Enrollment 
      • Must take at least 4 courses each semester
    4. Service Learning
      • Students must complete service learning hours in their junior year (minimum of 25 hours) and their senior year (minimum of 25 hours). These service learning hours need to center around a specific theme. Students may choose different topics their junior and senior year


     Questions?  Email sara.stollaryates@dvusd.org