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    Parents now have the option of ordering a Birthday Party Bucket from the cafeteria!

    (Outside treats are not currently allowed due to current district COVID protocol.)

    Make it easy to celebrate their student's birthday!
    The Birthday Party Bucket provides healthier snacks for students and simplifies the process of birthdays!
    The box will be delivered to your student's class at a designated time and location, making it super convenient for your teacher and our parents.
    All items are Smart Snack compliant. Please contact your kitchen manager for questions and availability.
    Please click the link below to order your child's treats at least 2 weeks ahead of time.



    Birthday Party Bucket Order Form


    As a different option: Parents, if you would prefer a non-snack option, another choice is to send small, inexpensive party favors (stickers, pencils, small toys) to celebrate your student's birthday or to donate a book to our classroom library in honor of your child's birthday. Thank you!