• The Personal Project

    The Personal Project is a project that all BGHS Students complete in the 10th Grade.  The Personal Project will focus on student interests, and create learning that is relevant to the student. It is an opportunity for the student to express him/herself, while at the same time demonstrating the skills the student has developed over the years in various subject areas, and to apply these skills to a goal that is set and is focused through one of the Global Contexts. Undertaking the Personal Project will allow the student to develop new skills, attitudes, and knowledge while at the same time deepening an understanding of him/herself and learning. The Personal Project represents the culmination of an individual's IB MYP experience, and so it should be clearly focused on an issue or theme closely related to the Global Contexts. The experience a student gains in completing the personal project is some of the best preparation a student can receive in preparation for the challenges of the Creativity, Action and Service Project (CAS) and/or Senior Institute.  Students participating in the IB MYP Honors Cohort will receive direct supervision from the assigned Honors ELA 3-4 advisor.

    Personal Project Handbook