• Financial Aid 
      There are three ways of paying for college:  merit-based scholarships, need-based aid, and student loans or grants.
        Merit-based scholarships are based on academics, artistic, athletic, and/or leadership.  Need-based aid is based on your demonstration of financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.gov, utilizing tax forms, which may qualify you for low interest Government Loans, Grants, and Student Work Study program.

      YOU must take the initiative in starting your scholarship search.  You will be completing lengthy forms, composing essays, and requesting letters of recommendation.  Scholarships are available throughout the school year; however, there are fewer scholarships offered in the spring.

      Where do you start?  Write or email the colleges for financial aid information.  Perhaps the best place to start looking for scholarships is the financial aid office of the colleges you are planning to attend.  Many students find the majority of their scholarship money comes from the colleges themselves.  Utilize the computer to conduct scholarship searches, to write your essays, and to request information from colleges.  Contact the colleges of your choice via their web sites.

      We advertise scholarship opportunities through the Daily Announcements and Eagle Express as well as this website.  There is also a large binder in the counseling office where students can flip through to find scholarships for which they may be eligible to apply.                

      Individual appointments with your counselor can help you with Scholarship Searches and help clarify information and planning.

      Listen to the announcements. Talk to your counselor about scholarship opportunities and the financial aid process.
      Attend evening events for parents and students design to provide families with financial aid information-on and off campus. 

      Contact the colleges and universities of your choice via mail or the internet.

      Adhere to deadlines.    

      Guide to Paying for College – Financial Aid, Scholarships, Savings, & Student Loans