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Gifted Preschool Opening in August 2022!

Qualifying / Age Requirements / Registration

  • Age Level Requirements

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    Children must be potty-trained and age 4 by August 31, 2022, to enroll in the program. Initially, we were planning for ages 3 & 4, but we will only be able to have 4-year-olds in our first year. Community Education does offer general preschool for students who are age 3. This would be a great foundation before applying for our Gifted Preschool! Please see their website for further information.

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  • Qualifying

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    Qualifying children will be invited to register on a first-come, first-in basis according to the screening process.

    Children who pass the screening for Gifted Preschool, and who successfully complete the program, may automatically qualify for DVUSD Gifted Kindergarten programs (Bright Beginnings Kindergarten or Gifted Cluster Kindergarten).

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  • Placement / Screening

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    Typically at this young age, a child needs to be evaluated by a licensed psychologist. We will honor these assessments (more information below), but they can be fairly costly. Because of this, our team has created a screener for our preschool program. We have more information and sign-up for the screener available here

    Screening & Qualifying Options - 

    Psychologist Evaluation - Beginning December 1st, 2021 - Children who have been evaluated by a licensed psychologist and score at the 90th percentile or higher, in any of the three state-approved areas of giftedness (Verbal, Quantitative, & Nonverbal) may qualify. Send score report to adam.laningham@dvusd.org for review and approval.

    Early Bird Screening - Winter 2021-22 - Sign up now for our Gifted Preschool Screening ($50) being held on December 18th or January 8th. Qualifying students will receive documentation of approval to register for the program this spring. 

    General Screening - Spring & Summer 2022 - Sign-up for our Gifted Preschool Screening ($50). Dates and sign-up links will be posted on our website in January 2022. Qualifying students will receive documentation of approval to register for the program.

    Screener information and Early Bird Screening sign-up are available here

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  • Registration

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    Registration is currently underway for qualifying students. As of April 14th, 12 of the 20 spots in the program have been filled.

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  • Link

    Registration is now open!

    When your child passes our screener, or after you submit qualifying test results from a psychologist to giftedservices@dvusd.org, we will send you the link.


  • Survey

    Survey Link

    Thank you to all who contributed to the interest survey!

    As of 11/10/2021, the survey helped our team decide on the program location and what program focus has the most interest.

    We are using the email addresses from this survey to update parents when we have news. If you want to be added to the email list, please just take the survey.