Student Testimonials

  • "Mr. Lopez. My teacher was great at connecting to the students and always tried to integrate fun into the lessons. One of the best teachers I have ever had. Would highly recommend."

    "Mrs Knape was an awesome teacher. She taught the work so well and I feel like I actually learned something from her. She knew how to controll her class and to always have a positive attitude. Probably one of the best teachers I’ve had in a while."

    "Roa, she was helpful with everything. She was one of the teachers I could connect with and she made everything easy for everyone to understand. She would make sure we were in track with every assignment we had and she pushed/motivated us to do our best and go beyond our expectations."

    "BRINT!!!! She was absolutely amazing, she cares and wanted to spend time with us. She joked and talked with us and genuinely wants to see her students succeed. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and feel a real connections with her. She is wonderful and her teaching style works wonders!!"

    "Ms. Calamanco was a very amazing and fun teacher.  I really did enjoy the class and she made the 7 weeks go by in a flash.  She always has a bright, happy, motivating attitude.  And always makes sure to help every student.  I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into this class.  She's a fantastic teacher!" Student, English Language Arts 1 or 2

    "Mrs. Kelly was absolutely amazing!  We learned so much and had fun while doing it."  Student English Language Arts 5 or 6

    "Mrs. Alvitre was an amazing teacher.  I would love to have her as my teacher again."  Student, Government

    "Ms. Roa encouraged students to do their best and recognized the students who put in effort." Student, English Language Arts 5 or 6

    "Mr. Cimino helps students, is an amanzing teacher, and helps studetns who need it." Student, English Language Arts 1 or 2

    "Mr. Mohler is just an outstanding teacher that loves to help and give feedback to his students so they do their best to pass the class." Student, Geometry 1 or 2

    "Mr. Huston is really great and challenges his students." Student, Earth Science 1 or 2

    "Mrs. O"Halloran knows her stuff!" Student, Earth Science 1 or 2