• Physical Education Excuses:

    Students requesting to be excused from PE must bring a note signed by their parent to the Nurse.  The Nurse will then write an "Excused from PE" pass for the student to take to their PE teacher.  Any request for three or more consecutive days of PE excuses must be accompanied by a Physician's written order or note.   PE teachers will be informed of the length of the student's PE excuse and any accommodations that need to be made for your child.  If your child has a health condition that causes him/her to miss PE class frequently, a doctor's note will be required.

    All injuries requiring any type of orthopedic support (ie. splint, brace, cast) or assistive device (ie crutches, wheelchair) on campus must be reported to the Health Office and medical documentation from a physician must be sent in regading student's medical treatment . If your child sustains a fracture and has a splint or a cast, or has been authorized by a physician to use crutches or a wheelchair while on campus, please check in with the nurse prior to the child returning to class. I will need a doctor's note for them to utilize crutches or a wheelchair on campus.  If the student is enrolled in PE, a written PE/activity restriction notice from the child's physician is required stating how long the chld is to be out or what restrictions they may have, as well as a written release stating when the child may return to physical education activities once the student's injury has healed and/or treatment is complete.