• Medication at School



      In compliance with ARS 15-344 and ARS 32-1901, I cannot keep stock medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen/Advil, Benadryl, anti itch creams, Neosporin, Calamine, antacids, cough drops or cold medications in my office. A Parent must provide and physically check in all medications they want their child to have available to them at school.  All medications, including over the counter medication, must be brought to the Health Center by a parent in the original containers and the nurse must have a signed permission slip on file for each of the medications you would like your child to receive. All over the counter medications will be given based on the manufacturer's directions, unless there is a superseding order from a physician. Students are not permitted to have any medication in their posession at any time without a specific prior written arrangement with the nurse. 

      For children with chronic medical conditions (ie. diabetes, asthma, severe allergies that require the possible use of an Epi Pen, ADD/ADHD and seizures) there are documents that are required to be completed by the parent and the child's physician for any prescribed medications or treatments that they are required or may need to take/have at school. The required forms that need to be completed can be found under the forms section. At the end of the school year, all medications need to be picked up by a parent/guardian. Any medication remaining in the Health Center after the closure of school will be discarded unless picked up.

       Forms for Students Requiring Medication at School:

       Severe Allergy/Anaphylaxis:

                    Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

                    Student Severe Allergy History

                    Medication Order from Doctor

                    Form for Student to Self Carry Epi Pen/Auvi Q


                    Asthma Action Plan

                    Medication Order from Doctor

                    Supplies needed for Nebulizer Treatments at School

                   Form for Permission to Self Carry Inhaler


                   Please get with the School Nurse for the required paperwork


                   Seizure History Information Packet

                    Individualized Emergency Seizure Plan

                    Medication Order from Doctor......If on any medication


       For Other Conditions Requiring Prescription Medication:

                    Medication Order from Doctor