• Calculating Dates for Quarantine and Isolation

    If you received a text message/phone call/email notification through DVMS Blackboard messenger system regarding an EXPOSURE/CLOSE CONTACT to a POSITIVE individual,  Please follow the Quarantine Guidelines per MCDPH.

    Maricopa County Department of Public Health Requirements:

    Close contacts: within 6 feet distance for over 15 minutes for a period of 24 hours.

    THREE EXEMPTIONS for Quarantine:

    1.  If the close contact has been FULLY VACCINATED (14 days have passed since their second dose of their vaccine) BEFORE their exposure to the Positive individual.

    2.  If the close contact individual tested positive for COVID-19 within the 90 days of their exposure, with their laboratory proof of testing Positive for the Covid-19 disease.

    3.  The individual that tested POSITIVE and the person that was determined to be in CLOSE CONTACT were BOTH WEARING A MASK CONSISTENTLY and CORRECTLY.


    CALCULATION FOR QUARANTINE DATES Per Maricopa County Department of Public Health

    1.  FULL 10 DAYS of Quarantine Dates:  exposure date->day ZERO + 10 days.  RETURN TO SCHOOL DATE IS ON THE 11TH DAY.  (ONE day AFTER the 10th day).

    Example: If you were exposed to a positive indivdual on a MONDAY, this is day ZERO-->10 days plus one more day equals RETURN to SCHOOL DATE. The following FRIDAY will be the RETURN TO SCHOOL DATE


    2.  EARLY RELEASE FROM QUARANTINE:  If the CLOSE CONTACT INDIVIDUAL is NOT experiencing any symptoms, s/he MUST quarantine for a total of 7 FULL days

        Test MUST be done no earlier than the 6th day of quarantine. NEGATIVE TEST; SYMPTOM FREE; & NEGATIVE COVID TEST COPY sent to the school nurse, the EXPOSED/Quarantined individual will be cleared to return to school on the 8th day of their quarantine.

        EXAMPLE of Option 2: EXPOSED to a Positive individual on the 10/22, must test on the 6th day=10/28 or the 7th day=10/29 to return with a NEGATIVE RESULT AND a COPY of this result AND SYMPTOM FREE on the 8th day=10/30



    ISOLATION:   If you are ill and experiencing COVID like symptoms, you must STAY HOME and ISOLATE until you test NEGATIVE for Covid AND you are SYMPTOM FREE. Proof of a Negative test must be sent to the school nurse to be cleared to return to school.

    If you elect NOT TO GET COVID TESTED, you must ISOLATE for the FULL 10 DAYS.

    ISOLATION with being FULLY vaccinated:  If you are experiencing COVID like symptoms, you must stay home until you are symptom free. If you still are experiencing COVID symptoms for 48-72 hours, MCDPH recommends that you get tested for COVID.

    If you test POSITIVE and are either VACCINATED or NOT Vaccinated, you must ISOLATE for a FULL 10 days. PLEASE contact the school nurse to discuss the day your STUDENT can be cleared to return to school.