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    Welcome to DVUSD Pathways,

    As a native Arizonan, my career path has been varied which I believe provides an advantage in Education. I hold an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Sociology, sat for the Certified Public Accountancy exam, and earned Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. 

    The last 16 years of my professional life have been spent guiding Arizona "at-risk" high school students in pursuit of a high school diploma.  This partnership culminated in earning a school letter grade of "A".  

    My motivation is derived from witnessing a student blossom in the classroom.  This may mean a student greets a teacher entering the classroom, a student consistently arrives to class on time, watching a shy individual speak up in class to ask for help or contribute to a class discussion, or grade book percentage increase for a student.  Each one of these acts is a win!  It’s a win for the teacher and administration in modeling behavior.  It’s a win in the classroom as a student is engaged in the learning process.  It’s a win for the student as the student is consciously making choices that enhance his or her growth.

    My goal is to ensure that DVUSD Pathways has a positive IMPACT on the students that make a “choice” to enroll in our sessions throughout the school year.  Whether a student wants to accelerate their learning for an early graduation, needs a flexible course schedule due to life’s demands, or is working to recover credit due to life events.

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    (623) 445-5780

  •  Choice + Commitment = SUCCESS