• Hello Kindergarten Families,

    Below you will find the weekly focus for each content area and reminders for the week of Nov. 8th - 12th. 

    Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:

    • Review: phoneme segmentation and isolate the medial sound
    • Review: letter sounds previously taught - m,s,t,n,p,r,a,i,b,c,d,f, g, k, o   
    • New: consonants Ll and Hh


    • Stories: Jack and the Hungry Giant and Edible Colors
    • Sight Word(s): lot, not, are, was
    • Spelling:  Pound, Tap, Write  
    • Story Elements: Fairy Tales, Plot
    • Story Elements: Main Idea and Key Details
    • Writing: Directionality, Sentences and Periods

    Sight words already taught:  the, a, see, I, to, my, by, am, at, go, man, is, no, can, and, you, an, has, it, he, she, ran, did, in, put, sits, me, with, big, good, very, his, got, there, on, of


    • Comparison of Length and Height (ex: longer than and shorter than)


    Social Studies:



    The sun and stars

    Special Area Class:

    • Monday:  Day 1
    • Tuesday:  Day 2
    • Wednesday:  Day 3
    • Thursday:  No School
    • Friday: Day 4

    Important Reminders:

    Wed 11/10 Veteran’s Day Virtual Assembly - 9:30 AM on Zoom: https://www.facebook.com/terramaracademyoftheartsPTSA

    • Fill out this form to honor a family service member retired or active 
    • Candy for the Troops:  Send in candy donations now - November 12th

    Thu 11/11 No school in honor of Veteran’s Day

    Fri 11/12 is a full school day with dismissal at 2:50.

    Birthday Treat Update: The previous 4 day quarantine for birthday treats has been lifted. Families can bring in store bought birthday treats on the day of the birthday. Please make prior arrangements with the teacher to ask about food allergies in the classroom. No goodie bags to be taken home.