• Hello Kindergarten Families! 

    Below you will find the weekly focus for each content area and reminders for the week of Oct. 2 - Oct. 6. 

    Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:

    • Review: 

      • Blend and segment onset and rime

      • isolate initial sound

      • segment and blend syllables

      • count the words in a sentence

      • blend letters to read cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

    • New

      • Letters Rr and Ff


    • Essential Question: What makes a community?

    • Story: Quinito's Neighborhood and The Alphabet from the Sky

    • New High Frequency Words: ran, he, she

      • Review HF Words: the, a, see, I, by, my, to, am, at, go, is, man, no, can, and, you, an, it, has (Students must be able to read 50 and spell 25 at the end of kindergarten)

    • Story Elements: Central idea and key details

    • Writing: Informational 

      • Sentences start with an uppercase letter, have at least the first sound of every word, include spaces and punctuation at the end.

    • Please read the little decodable books (twice a week) with your child.

    • New sight word cards came home today! Please cut these out and add them to the word ring that is holding the red cards. Sight words will be assessed this week for report card grades.


    • Use various strategies to count through 10 when items are in different configurations (5-group, scatter, circle, etc).

    • When given a number to 10, provide a count of that many items.

    • Rote counting through 10.

    • Use the “5 shortcut” to quickly count the number of items in a group.

    • Order numbers to 10 using counting knowledge and the concept of “1 more” and “1 less”.

    • Begin new unit:  Two-Dimensional Flat Shapes (Describe objects in the environment using names of shapes and position, name shapes, analyze and compare two and three dimensional shapes using informal language to describe their attributes)

    Social Studies:

    • Neighborhoods and communities, Maps


    • Weather and Seasons

    Special Area Classes:

    • Monday: Day 2

    • Tuesday:  Day 3

    • Wednesday:  Day 4

    • Thursday:  Day  5 

    • Friday: Day 6 


    • Friday 10/6  is an  early dismissal day, 1:20 for kindergarten.

    • 10/4 is Picture retake day

    • Parent-teacher conferences are the week of 10/10 and will be held in person. If you did not receive an email to sign up, please contact your child’s teacher.

    • There is no school on 10-9-Fall Break Day. 

    • Trunk or Treat will be held on 10/26 from 4:30-6:00.