Class work/homework will not be given before any absence. Once they return to school, It is the student’s responsibility to collect classwork and homework., as well as arrange any assignment or test make ups with each of their teachers. 



    In an effort to keep students on track, students will complete a weekly behavior and grade check on their character card that requires a parent/guardian signature. This is an opportunity for families to discuss student academic and behavior progress. 



    Student Responsibility:

    • Students will be given a weekly homework agenda each Monday in homeroom (Period 1). 

    • Students will use their weekly agenda to record all homework assignments and unfinished classwork.

    • Students will be given a monthly calendar for long term dates, deadlines, and tests/quizzes.

    • These are to be kept in their homework folder at all times. 


    Parent Responsibility:

    • Please check your child’s agenda and monthly calendar nightly so you are aware of all homework assignments, unfinished class work that needs to be completed as homework, and upcoming tests/project dates. 

    • Each subject on their weekly agenda should be filled out for each day. 


    Students may have cell phones or smart watches at school, but these need to remain in their backpack, unused and turned off, from bell to bell, or from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Students are not permitted to use cell phones or smart watches during the school day.

    • 1st Offense:  Warning.  Phone will be sent to the office for student pick-up after school.  Record in PowerSchool file.

    • 2nd Offense:  Phone will be sent to the office for parent pick-up.  2nd offense will count as a referral.  Record in PowerSchool file.

    • 3rd Offense:  Phone will be sent to the office for parent pick-up.  Office referral and one week lunch detention.  Record in PowerSchool file.

    • 4th Offense:  Phone will be sent to the office for parent pick-up.  Office referral.  Suspension.

    Technology discipline is progressive, meaning it follows the student throughout their time at West Wing. 


    The fifth grade team uses weekly emails and weekly grade checks to communicate with parents.  


    If you need to contact us, please send an email. Emails will be returned no later than the district guidelines (48 business hours), if not sooner. West Wing School email hours are scheduled during the following times: 7:00 - 8:30 AM, teacher prep time, and 3:30 - 5:00 PM. 


    Please note that if a meeting is requested by a fifth grade teacher or parent, we will meet as a fifth grade team, and, whenever possible, all fifth grade teachers will be in attendance.  In an effort to make meetings more productive, students are asked to attend and participate. 



    • All classwork and homework should be completed in a timely manner.  Homework/practice may receive a (✓) for completion or marked as late or missing work in the PowerSchool grade book. Late work may be accepted at the teacher’s discretion. 

    • No more than a total of nine (9) missing or late assignments per quarter are permitted.

    • Students may not opt-out of assignments, projects, or assessments.  Any missing projects or assessments may receive a score of 49%.  Students will schedule with the teacher to take any missed assessments before or after school.  Missing assignments will be accepted up to a week after the due date.  If not turned in by the extended deadline, the score will remain a 49%.

    • Students may have the opportunity to make test corrections at the teacher’s discretion.  If test corrections are done, the student will score ½ of the missed question’s value for each correct answer. 

    • Tests or quizzes in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science MAY NOT be retaken.

    • Extra credit is not given; it is not an effective way to show mastery of standards.

    • A score of 50% will be recorded if a student earns less than a 50% on an assessment or graded assignment.


    Character Cards represent a structured behavior program designed for most students.  Each teacher/administrator has the right to use his/her professional judgment to modify this plan for individual students as needed.


    • Each quarter, all fifth grade students will receive a character card and are expected to have it in their possession throughout the whole school day.

    •   After being seated in a classroom, a student will place their character card on their desk at all times.  Teachers will use the positive side of the character card to record positive student behaviors.

    •   If a student displays a behavior that falls in the West Wing Behavior Matrix, then he/she may receive a verbal warning or an immediate written infraction depending on the nature of the behavior. 

    •   If, after receiving a verbal warning, a student continues displaying behavioral infractions, then the student will record an infraction on the student’s character card and the teacher will initial it.


    Any student who loses their character card will have it replaced with a white card and will receive an infraction in the area of “prepared for class”; if the card is replaced more than once, the student will not be eligible for the quarterly reward.  When the student finds his/her original character card, then it is his/her responsibility to bring both the white card and the original character card to their homeroom teacher to be stapled together. Students must have their original character card in order to attend the quarterly reward party.


    Student will receive a lunch or after-school detention at the teachers discretion if they: 

    • Earn any 3 behavior infractions on their character card in one day.  

    • Earn 5 behavior infractions on their character card in one week.          

    • Commit a violation of school or district rules. Please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for specific infractions.

    Student will receive an office referral if:

    • The behavior problems persist after classroom interventions, behavior plans implemented, detentions, and parent meetings.

    • A student earns 3 detentions in one quarter.

    • Physical or verbal aggression, theft, vandalism, threatening acts, fighting, or any infraction listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (which can be found on the West Wing’s website) will warrant immediate consequences in the form of an office referral or teacher-issued after school detention.

    Teachers will use the character cards when completing the citizenship grade on the quarterly report cards.  Refer to the character card and West Wing Behavior Matrix for further details.



    We would like to reward all 5th grade students at the end of each quarter if they have chosen to work hard and make positive behavior choices. Students will be able to participate if the following occurred during the quarter:

    1. The student received twice as many positives as total infractions (behavior and homework).

    2. The student does not have more than 9 infractions in either behavior or missing assignments.

    3. The student has not received more than one after-school detention or more than 2 lunch detentions as a result of behavior.

    4. The student has not had an on- or off-campus suspension.

    5. The student is not missing major assignments or assignments that students are given more than 2 weeks to complete.

    6. The student’s character card has not been lost/replaced with a white card more than once. (2 or more white cards means the student does not qualify.)


    Students who meet the criteria will be able to attend a Character Card Quarterly Celebration.  Students who do not meet the criteria will complete an assignment during the quarterly reward celebration time that requires them to reflect on ways they can meet the criteria to participate in the next celebration.



    Math: Beginning next week, there will be spiral review math homework nightly, Monday - Thursday. Unfinished class work may also be homework. There may also be occasional video notes.

    ELA (Reading & Writing): Students are expected to read their independent novel each night. Students will be held accountable for their reading through class discussions, writing assignments, and reading projects. Unfinished class work becomes homework. 

    Science: Homework in science depends upon the unit of study. 

    Social Studies: Study daily for upcoming quizzes and tests. Projects will be assigned for homework depending upon the unit of study.

    Your student’s weekly agenda is the best resource for keeping on top of current homework assignments. Students are responsible for recording homework in each subject daily. 



    • Parents and students may view a student’s grades online by visiting ps.dvusd.org/public and entering an access code.  Parents will receive a letter in first day paperwork with the access code or may obtain an access code by visiting West Wing’s Administration office in person.   Student access for PowerSchool is the same as their username and password used to access school computers.   

    • Teachers typically update their grade books weekly.  Please check PowerSchool weekly as part of the weekly Grit Card Behavior and Grade Check to make sure your child is staying current with all assignments.

    • Please note that final grades close on the following dates: 

      1. 1st Quarter:  September 30, 2022

      2. 2nd Quarter: December 16, 2022

      3. 3rd Quarter: March 10, 2023

      4. 4th Quarter: May 18, 2023