• Please see each teacher’s webpage and communication about homework for more specific guidelines. Generally, homework is as follows in each subject area:

    Math: There is spiral review math homework nightly, Monday - Thursday. Unfinished class work or video note-taking may also be homework. Each Friday, there is a quiz over the content of that week’s spiral review homework. Math homework is recorded in PowerSchool daily as complete and on time with a score of 1 OR as incomplete and/or missing with a score of 0. Nightly math homework scores are not included in the student’s math grade.

    ELA (Reading & Writing): Monday - Thursday nights students will be expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes. Students will document their reading on a weekly reading form to be turned in on Friday. Students need to be prepared to discuss the book with either Ms. Aufrance or classmates at any given time and write about their reading at the end of the week.

    Science: Homework in science depends upon the unit of study. 

    Social Studies: Students may carry their consumable social studies book to complete readings when assigned. Projects will also be assigned for homework depending upon the unit of study.

    Your student’s agenda is the best resource for keeping on top of current homework assignments. Students are responsible for recording homework in each subject daily.