• AP Capstone Diploma

    The AP Capstone Diploma is a diploma program based on two AP Courses:  AP Seminar and AP Research.  These courses focus on developing critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management and presentation skills you need for college-level work.  It is an opportunity for high school students to participate and perform their own academic research.  By the end of the 2 year sequence students will be able to write an academic paper and defend their research findings.

    AP Seminar

    • You’ll learn to consider an issue form multiple perspectives, identify credible sources, evaluate strengths and weaknesses of arguments and make logical, evidence-based recommendations
    • You’ll investigate a variety of topics through various viewpoints of your choice
    • You’ll complete a team project, individual paper and presentation and written end-of-course exam

    AP Research

    • You’ll explore various research methods and complete an independent research project.
    • You’ll complete an academic paper and present and defend your research findings.

    Benefits of the AP Capstone Program

    • Students learn how to identify credible sources, understand issues from multiple perspectives and develop their research, analysis, collaboration, and presentation skills
    • Diploma candidates stand out in the application process for colleges and scholarships through academic distinction
    • AP Capstone alumni are more likely to earn higher first-year GPAs in college and persist to their second year

    For more information see https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-capstone