• Game Expectations

    When students choose to attend a home athletic event at Highland Lakes they are agreeing to abide by the following expectations:


    - Students who plan to attend the game should head straight to the game location (gym or field) shortly after school dismisses. Students who leave campus or arrive late will not be able to attend.


    - Students will stay in the building for the duration of the game.  Once a student leaves the building they will not be allowed back into the game. 


    - Students will sit in the designated student section and will stay in the stands except for bathroom trips.


    - Students will stay positive and only show support to both teams.  Any negative or derogatory comments or actions towards any person or team will not be permitted.  


    - Students are expected to follow all normal school rules when attending a game.


    - Students are expected to clean up after themselves and pick up any trash left in their area.


    - Students that did not attend school, for any reason, the day of a game, are not permitted on campus.  


    These expectations are in place to guarantee an enjoyable game experience for everyone involved. Any student that does not meet the Game Expectations could be asked to leave and lose future game privileges.