Units of Study Geometry 1
    1. Understand Congruence in terms of rigid motions
    2. Prove Geometric theorems
    3. Make Geometric Constructions
    4. Understand Similarity in terms of Similarity Transformations
    5. Prove Theorems involving similarity
    6. Define Trig Ratios and Solve problems involving right triangles

    Units of Study Geometry 2
    1. Apply Trig to general triangles
    2. Understand and apply theorems about circles
    3. Use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically
    4. Explain volume formulas and use them to solve problems
    5. Visualize relationships between two dimensional and three dimensional objects
    6. Apply Geometric Concepts in modeling situations

    Units of Study Algebra 1
    1. Linear Functions, Equations, & Inequalities
    2. Literal Equations
    3. Relations
    4. Graphing
    5. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
    6. Absolute Value Equations

    Units of Study Algebra 3
    1. Linear Functions, Equations, & Inequalities
    2. Quadratic Functions and Equations
    3. Functions and Systems
    4. Polynomial Functions
    5. Rational Functions
    6. Radical Functions

    Units of Study Algebra 4 
    1. Exponential Functions and Logs 
    2. Trigonometry and the Unit Circle
    3. Tigonometry and Radians  
    4. Probability
    5. Statistics 

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