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  • Deer Valley’s Bright Beginnings program provides hands-on learning opportunities for our early childhood learners in grades Pre-K, K-2. 

    Deer Valley's Gifted Pre-K Academy at Las Brisas provides an enriched academic foundation for gifted and talented learners.  Gifted Pre-K Academy serves as a foundation for nurturing the development of our youngest scholars who require advanced learning opportunities.  The Gifted Pre-K Academy environment is structured to provide a personalized approach to learning within socially appropriate contexts.  Instruction is hands-on to promote discovery learning and FUN!

    Bright Beginnings Kindergarten is available at Canyon Springs, Highland Lakes and Las Brisas.  Qualifying students are placed in a Bright Beginnings Kindergarten classroom with children of similar abilities.  Students participating in Bright Beginnings are taught by a gifted endorsed teacher.  During their time in Bright Beginnings Kindergarten, students work and learn at a pace commensurate with their advanced abilities.  Instruction is project and problem-based to support critical and creative thinking within an inquiry learning environment.

    Las Brisas Gifted Academy offers Bright Beginnings throughout K-2 grades.  The primary age experience within the Bright Beginnings classroom is enriched to ensure growth and development.  Primary age students explore academic content above grade level.  Students benefit from a thematic approach to learning, fostering depth and complexity across each of the core content areas.  Students participating in Las Brisas' K-2 Bright Beginnings Program are placed in a cohort.  This means they automatically progress to the next grade throughout their K-2 academic journey.  At the end of 2nd grade, students will be re-assessed to determine future gifted programming options for third grade and above. The programming options may include Gifted Cluster, SAGE, Walk-Up Math or Renaissance placements.


  • Kindergarten

  • Grades 1-2


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  • Canyon Springs - STEM

    Gifted Cluster (Kindergarten)

    Renaissance (Grades 1 – 8)

    Highland Lakes - MUSIC

    Bright Beginnings (Kindergarten)

    Renaissance (Grades 1 – 8)

    Las Brisas – GLOBAL STUDIES

    Gifted Pre-K Academy

    Bright Beginnings (Pre-K – 2)

    Renaissance (Grades 3 – 6)


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