Skills are developed in the following areas:

    • Building Knowledge & Language through prior knowledge, vocabulary, active listening, and viewing. 
    • Vocabulary with a specific focus on academic, generative, and vocabulary strategies.  
    • Reading Workshop practice with multiple genre sources, comprehension tasks at various levels of complexity, response to text, performance task, and communication.
    • Foundational skills are developed with decoding, spelling, and fluency practice.
    • Assess learning through formative and performance-based tasks.

    Independent reading is required both at home and at school.   


    Skills are developed in the following areas: 

    • An emphasis on evidence-based writing with elaboration will be taught and practiced in class.
    • Each independent task will have a focal text so that students have samples to build an understanding from as they write.    
    • Students will develop writing through thinking maps and practice the process of writing through pre-writing, draft, revision, edit, and publishing.
    • Students will learn to proofread and share ideas with the following writing (keep in mind NOT all work will be published):  
      • Narrative
      • Informative/Expository
      • Opinion/Argumentative
      • Informative Letter Writing 
      • Research Report
      • Poetry 

    AZ Dept of Education 4th Grade Standards