Student's homework in Reading this school year will be nightly Reading M -Th, 20 minutes minimum.  Annotation Logs are given for students to complete.  They must complete the log before, during, and after they read. Logs will be given at the start of each week and asked to return the following Monday. They will complete 4 logs within the 7 days.     

    Below is a link in case your child has lost their log.  You can download it and print it from home.  Students should keep their logs in their Knights folder so that they can complete during class, if they have completed independent work and especially if they need teacher's support. 




    In fourth grade, we will go to the library as a class every other Monday during Reading/Writing Time.  Students will be allowed to select two choice books within their range of ability to read.  Lexiles have been given to them so that they can select appropriate books.  If a student has completed a book before the two-week time frame, students get a pass from the teachers to go to the library when they are done with their work in classes outside of our typical time. 

    Skills are developed in the following areas:

    • Building Knowledge & Language through prior knowledge, vocabulary, active listening, and viewing. 
    • Vocabulary with a specific focus on academic, generative, and vocabulary strategies.  
    • Reading Workshop practice with multiple genre sources, comprehension tasks at various levels of complexity, response to text, performance task, and communication.
    • Foundational skills are developed with decoding, spelling, and fluency practice.
    • Assess learning through formative and performance-based tasks.



    Skills are developed in the following areas: 

    • An emphasis on evidence-based writing with elaboration will be taught and practiced in class.
    • Each independent task will have a focal text so that students have samples to build an understanding from as they write.    
    • Students will develop writing through thinking maps and practice the process of writing through pre-writing, draft, revision, edit, and publishing.
    • Students will learn to proofread and share ideas with the following writing (keep in mind NOT all work will be published):  
      • Narrative
      • Informative/Expository
      • Opinion/Argumentative
      • Informative Letter Writing 
      • Research Report
      • Poetry 

    Homework can be expected if a student has been absent and trying to catch up or if the student has not used their time wisely in writing class. 

    AZ Dept of Education 4th Grade Standards