• Science

    Hands On Investigations include:

    • Asking questions and defining problems
    • Developing and using models
    • Constructing explanations and designing solutions

    Topics Include:

    • Earth’s Processes and Systems 
    • Change in the Earth and Sky
    • Organisms and Environments
    • Energy and Magnetism

    ADE 4th Grade Science State Standards

    Social Studies

    Regions & Cultures of the Americas (pre-contact Americas to European settlements up to 1763)

    • Text Book: McGraw Hill Education


    • Think analytically, read critically, and communicate effectively
    • Core Descriptors: Civics, Economics, Geography, & History
    • Reading of articles (Primary/Secondary resources); reading textbook; note taking(ISN), discussions; project-based learning; 
    • Will be assessed on classwork & assessments (PBL)

    ADE 4th Grade Social Studies State Standards


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