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  • Linda Nieb

    District Audiologist

    (602) 467 - 5322

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  • Audiology

    Audiology services are a related service, as defined by Federal Regulations of IDEA 2004 (34 CFR 300.34(a)). Audiology services may be provided to all students within the district in accordance with the Arizona State Revised Statutes (Chapter 7.2 Article 1 section 36-899).

    Deer Valley Unified School District currently has two audiologists serving our students and can assist in providing the following testing:

    Diagnostic hearing tests and screening, including tympanometry and acoustic reflexes. Audiologists also screen by traditional pure tone testing and Otoacoustic Emissions. Audiologists may also work with FM systems and other Bluetooth assistive technology for students who wear hearing aids or may require additional help hearing inside the classroom. Audiologists can also provide minor repairs on hearing aids such as basic cleaning or tube changes.

    Due to the equipment and nature of the tests, diagnostic hearing testing is provided at Mirage Elementary and Diamond Canyon School. To make an appointment at either office, please call: 602-467-5322