• General US History (Junior level)

    This course uses the AZ State Standards and DVUSD Curriculum Guide. The standards used for grading are the district Skill and Process standards. Students will learn, practice, and develop these historical skills in 8 units of study.

    SP1- Change and Continuity (chronological reasoning requires understanding processes of change and continuity over time, which means assessing similarities and differences between historical periods and between the past and present)

    SP2- Interpreting Evidence (Thinking within the discipline involves the ability to identify, compare, and evaluate multiple perspectives about a given event to draw conclusions about that event since there are multiple points of view about events and issues)

    SP3a- Constructing Arguments (Historians and Social Scientists gather, interpret, and use evidence to develop claims and answer historical, economic, geographical, and political questions and communicate their conclusions)

    SP3b- Analyzing Geographic Data (The use of geographic representations and tools helps individuals understand their world)

    SP4- Cause and Effect (Thinking within the discipline involves the ability to analyze relationships among causes and effects and to create and support arguments using relevant evidence)

    Course Syllabus