• Captain Am
    Hello!  My name is Val Wilson, and I am the gifted specialist here at Mirage.  I have been teaching for 28 years, and I love it!  As you can tell, I like superheroes.  I think we all have a "super hero" and "super power" in us that makes us individuals and amazing people!  In my spare time, I write books, do genealogy, and serve as an art commissioner for my community.  
    Here is a little background on our gifted classes at Mirage.  The gifted program centers around Language Arts and Math for students who are identified as gifted in those areas. Though each school adapts this model to best meet the needs of its students and community, the gifted program at Mirage generally serves grades 2-6.
    All ELA and math students meet several times a week in a gifted classroom, or with a cluster teacher trained in gifted education, to receive enrichment instruction in English Language Arts and/or Math.  Materials and content are accelerated and/or enriched at the appropriate challenge level for students. The pace of instruction is quick with discussions probing for breadth and depth as well as precision and clarity. Students are encouraged to problem solve, think critically and persevere to reach their potential for achievement.
    The gifted learning environment provides opportunities to see and make connections from prior learning, across curricular areas, to present learning.
    Our gifted students will develop…


    • a command of content
    • flexibility of thought to reach a variety of approaches to solutions
    • effort at clarity and expression of thought
    • depth of analysis in content areas
    • openness to new concepts and ideas
    • a love of learning 
    • a spirit of collaboration and respect
    • acceptance of differences to appreciate and respect not only the content of study but each other
    • trust and pride in their ability to produce excellence
    • courage to create and take risks with confidence in their own abilities and ideas
    • responsibility as self-reliant learners

    Welcome to my classroom!  I am so happy to have you here!