2nd Quarter Social Studies Standards: Mediterranean Civilizations

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  • Quarter 2 Standards:

    Essential Question: How do people adapt to their environment?

    What is the importance of geography in how ancient civilizations began and spread?
    How do specialized occupations reflect a complex society?
    How did Mesopotamia's first empire develop?
    What is the importance of the rise of City-States?
    How did a Surplus in Farming change society?

    Was Qin Shihuangdi an effective leader?

    In what ways did the physical geography and climate impact the development of South Asian Civilization?

    Explain how and why the perspectives of people have changed throughout different historical eras.

    Explain the multiple causes and effects of events and developments in the past.

    Analyze the beliefs, experiences, perspectives, and values that underlie points of view regarding civic issues in the time period and regions studied.

    Describe the relationship between variable costs and the benefits of economic production.

    Analyze the influence of specialization and trade within diverse cultures and communities in regions studied

    Explain the effects of increasing economic interdependence within distinct groups.

    Use and construct maps, graphs, and other representations to explain relationships between locations of places and regions.

    Compare the diverse ways people or groups of people have impacted, modified, or adapted to the environment of the Eastern Hemisphere.

    Explain the causes and effects of interactions between cultures and civilizations.