Middle Ages, Ren/Refor Time Period

Still Life
  • Quarter #4

    How can a historic even change people's lives?

    What were the key features of feudalism and how did it shape the social structure of medieval Europe? In what ways did the Silk Road and overseas trade routes contribute to cultural exchange and economic development during the medieval period?
    How did Japanese arts and literature contribute to the cultural heritage of Japan and beyond during the medieval period?

    How did a change of ideas, change the world?

    How did the Renaissance change the cultural and intellectual landscape of Europe?
    How did the Scientific Revolution challenge existing knowledge and beliefs?
    What were the key ideas and thinkers of the Enlightenment, and how did they impact society and politics?

    Evaluate the significance of past events and their effect on students’ lives and society.

    Use questions generated from multiple sources to identify further areas of inquiry and additional sources. 

    Explain challenges and opportunities people and groups face when solving local, regional, and/or global problems

    Analyze the relationship between education, income, and job opportunities within the context of the time period and region studied

    Analyze the impact of religious, government, and civic groups over time. 

    Describe how different group identities such as racial, ethnic, class, gender, regional, and immigrant/migration status emerged and contributed to societal and regional development, characteristics, and interactions over time.