• Enter the classroom on time and ready to learn (prepared).
    • Keep your hands, feet, all body parts, and objects to yourself.
    • Speak kindly and respectfully to and about others.
    • Work hard and be nice.


    Students’ Role in Learning

    Students become self-directed in learning about themselves as a learner. They have to analyze their own study habits to figure out what actually works for them, which overall, helps students retain knowledge.

      • Behavioral Expectations- Please see the Canyon Springs Matrix
        • Classroom Expectations-
          • Students will have positive reinforcement through earned Wolf Tickets based on behavior/ expectations. They will be able to exchange those for classroom rewards and weekly drawings.
          • Students will receive behavior modifications based on the school matrix that is attached.
    • School-wide: All District Rules will be adhered to at Canyon Springs School. Please refer to the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (available online).
    • We believe that students must treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in our school. We also believe that student’s actions, dress, possessions, etc., must not cause a problem for themselves or anyone else.



    Grading Procedures are marked in the DVUSD PRAG manual.

    The intent of homework is to practice, extend learning, and provide opportunities for students to develop critical, independent study skills and self-discipline for their lifelong educational journeys.
    Grades are a reporting tool utilized to reflect what a student knows and is able to do in a content area. We measure achievement, not effort or behavior, in our grading system.

    Canyon Springs school policy: 49% will be the lowest assigned grade for any tests, work, or homework. 
    PowerSchools is an essential resource for parents and students. It is not only a tool for communication regarding grades, it is a resource for our students and parents to check progress, missing work, and what is being taught/learned regularly. Please ensure that you and your child have access and even sign up for weekly email updates as an option in PowerSchools.