Degrees and Certifications:

BAE Secondary Education, Earth and Space Sciences

Mr. Wilson

Hello Earthlings!

My name is Mr. Wilson and I teach Earth and Space Science here at Mountain Ridge High School. You can find me in room CC301.

I am a graduate of Arizona State University (Forks up!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Earth and Space Sciences. I am currently pursuing my Masters at NAU. My passion for how the natural world operates and how living things affect and are affected by the Earth allows me to bring that energy into the classroom to help young minds gain an awareness of the big, huge world they live in and are just getting to know. Hopefully, with this awareness and knowledge, my students will be empowered to make Earth-conscious decisions no matter where they go in life.

My passions also flow out into other fields, and I have a deep appreciation for how each part of our natural world- from the smallest molecule to the biggest mammal- plays a part in the planet called Earth. This planet has very complex systems, and modern advancements in technology allow us to understand more and more each day. You, the student, will be able to implement chemistry and physics concepts to Earth's systems to explain different phenomenon that happen.

On a personal level, I am not native to Arizona, but rather have moved around quite a bit in my life. I do call Arizona home, but have lived in California, Washington, Utah, and (most recently) Texas. My favorite things about Arizona are the ample things to do! Whether it is finding a mountain to hike, going up to the mountains, fishing in the canyon lakes, golfing, going to a D-backs game, trying something new to eat, or just spending time with family, I find myself quite busy on the weekends.

I am newly married to my wife, Amanda Wilson, and we look forward to teaching at the same school this year!  

It is exciting to be here at Mountain Ridge High School! I am in my second year at the Ridge, and look to be here for many more years! Go Mountain Lions!