• Students are required to give 100% participation at all times. We all know not every student is an excellent artist and we know that not all students enjoy art. However, even students who may not be so good at drawing may do really well at sculpting or perspective drawing. As long as the student is trying their hardest and showing that they are following directions and trying the best they can, they will do just fine in Art class:) My goal is to grow each student in Art in a direction they feel most comfortable about creating new art and learning new ways to create good art and feel good about doing so.

    Students are encouraged to use the restroom before art class begins. This way, they can use all their time wisely. If a student MUST use the restroom, they will need to wait till the art lecture, directions and demonstration are finished. Students will then have the rest of the class time to work on their art. This is then when they may request to go use the restroom. The reason for this is that students are prepared and know what to do when they come back from using the restroom. They then can continue working and not miss the most important beginning of class information to succeed on their artwork project/assignment.

    Students are expected to respect all art materials. Art materials are not cheap and it is a privilege to be able to get to use the multiple materials we will be working with in class. Please take care of them. Students who can not respect the art materials and choose to misuse any materials given to use, will have limited use of art materials for the remainder of the school year, which may affect their art grade. This includes clean up time. All students are required to help clean up at the end of their art class. Students who choose not to help will also be limited in their privileges of art supplies offered for use in art class.

    Thank you students for following the art room expectations. I look forward to your creative minds:)