Math Homework

  • Students who know math facts for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division have an easier time understanding new math concepts.  They are more successful in understanding the new concept, because they can recall math facts efficiently, (quickly and accurately.).  Students who struggle with math facts tend to get bogged down with the new content because they struggle to recall the math fats needed to correctly solve the problem and they get frustrated easily.

    Students will be tested regularly on math fact knowledge.  These tests will be timed in an effort to help students recall the information quickly.  These math fact drills will count towards the student's math grade. 

    If your child struggles with math facts, we request they practice math facts for 20 -30 minutes a night until they have mastered the math facts.  Start working with addition facts, then subtraction facts, followed by multiplication facts, and finally division facts.   Students may use flash cards,  or an online math program that help with math facts.