• Ms. Betts' 3rd Grade Supply List

    1      1 subject wide-ruled spiral notebook 

    1      2 - pocket folder

    1      Composition wide-ruled notebook 

    3      Dry erase markers (black or blue only)

    1      Dry eraser or sock

    1      Box of crayons

    1      Box of #2 pencils

    3      Erasers (large rectangles)

    2      Glue sticks

    2      Highlighters (yellow)

    1      Pair of Kid-size scissors

    1      Ruler (inch and centimeter) 

    1      Pair of Headphones (No bluetooth please)

    *Please note that we utilize mostly shared supplies in our classroom.

    Items Needed for Daily Classroom Use:


    Hand sanitizer

    Clorox wipes

    Paper towels


    Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. The majority of the supplies your child will use in the classroom will be provided by the school. The following is a wish list of optional items desired for each student for the school year.