• Mrs. Cori's Suggested SUPPLY LIST

    • 2 pocket folder
    • Backpack
    • Water bottle
    • Change of clothes
    • 2 cans of playdough
    • 1 pkg broad tip markers
    • 1 pkg of glue sticks 
    • 1 pkg of white coffee filters
    • 2 rolls of paper towels
    • 1 box of storage bags ( quart, sandwich, snack gallon size )
    • 1 pkg of baby wipes
    • Diapers and Wipes as needed

    *Two pocket folder – Once school starts, we will label your child’s folder with one side that says “Keep at Home” and the other side will say “Return to School”. This is how we will share out important dates to remember, upcoming events, and information from the school and/or I. We will send home your child’s work and projects in their folders in the pocket labeled “Keep at Home”.  

    *Standard size backpack – Please make sure that the backpacks are large enough to fit a two pocket folder.  Small backpacks can result in squished projects and bent folders. No wheels on backpacks please.

    *Water bottle – In an effort to prevent the spread of germs, we encourage students to drink from their water bottle, rather than the drinking fountain. Students are free to drink from their water bottles anytime during class and when we are outside for recess. Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly written where they can see it easily. We often have multiples of popular characters, such as Paw Patrol, Sonic, Frozen, Unicorns ect.  

    Change of clothes – Extra clothes are not just for toileting accidents! A preschool classroom is a busy place. Play, exploration, and creativity can get messy! Messes and spills on our clothes can be uncomfortable and can cause unnecessary anxiety for our little ones. Having extra clothes at school allows us the option to change their clothes when needed. If an accident occurs at school, we will send home a note indicating if it was a toileting accident or if they had gotten messy.  You will also find a note asking for another change of clothes.   

    *2 cans of Playdough -  We use a lot of playdough in class for so many different activities! In an effort to keep our students healthy, children do not use shared playdough. Please send in 2 cans of playdough with your child’s name written on each can. You can send in any color your child chooses. However, we ask that you keep black and brown play dough for use at home. It can be difficult to clean up those colors.  

    * 1 pkg of round, white coffee filters ( size doesn't matter ) - Coffee filters aren't just for coffee! We use them in so many other ways in preschool, such as snacks, art projects, to hold small supplies for a project or a game ect. 

    *1 box of storage bags – We use a lot of storage bags in preschool, especially for our art projects and to store small pieces from our art center. The gallon and quart size bags seem to be our most used sizes.

    1 pkg of baby wipes – Preschool is messy! We use LOTS of wipes in preschool! They are a quick and easy option for messy faces, sticky hands and minor spills or messes such as paint, markers, glue ect.  

    Diapers and Wipes – If your child wears diapers/pull ups, please send them with your child on their first day of preschool. You are welcome to send in diapers daily in your child’s backpack or send in a large package to keep on hand at school. If your child needs more, we will send home a little note in their folder letting you know that we are running low.