• Mr. Robert Scavetta Room #:  CC402

    Prep: 2nd period

    Course Title: General Chemistry Voice Mail #: 623-376-3246

    Class Text- Glencoe. Chemistry: Matter and Change         robert.scavetta@dvusd.org

    https://openstax.org/details/books/chemistry-2e         https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/12329


    Office Hours:

    Before School 

    After School (by appointment)

    During P2 and ACAPreps


    Course Description:

    This course will teach you useful information, both about Chemistry and the world around you, that you will use for the rest of your life.  Be prepared to work very hard and have fun this year.  This course is aligned with district, state, and national standards to support school-wide efforts in increasing student achievement.


    Course Objectives:

    By the time the students completes this course of study, the student will:

    1. Have enhanced study and test taking skills.

    2. Have an increased appreciation of the world around us.

    3. Have developed critical thinking skills.

    4. Be prepared for college level courses in science.

    In addition to the course objectives listed above, the following College and Career Ready Anchor Standards for Writing are also embedded;

    • Standard 1- Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. 

    • Standard 2- Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content. 

    • Standard 9- Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.


    Classroom Rules and Consequences:

    1. Follow directions the first time

    2. Respect others and their property

    3. Use appropriate language

    4. Be on time and prepared for class

    5. Be an active learner

    Consequence Steps:

    1. Verbal warning

    2. Conference with teacher

    3. After school detention and parent phone call

    4. Referral


    Cheating:  If a student is caught cheating both students will receive a zero and a referral!  If a student talks during a test for any reason to any student, both students will receive a zero. Sharing answers on class work is also cheating and both students will receive a zero.



    Grading Scale (rounding) Your grades will be weighted as follows:

    A  = 100 - 90 10% Homework & Classwork  

    B  =  89 – 80

    C  =  79 - 70 20% Labs & Projects 

    D  =  69 - 60

      F  =   59 - 0 70% Assessments


    ** There is no extra credit at MRHS  **



    Mountain Ridge students have within the current unit of study to turn in assigned work for full credit, as determined by the teacher, level, and department on campus. The length of the unit of study and due dates will be clearly communicated to students by the teacher. Any assignment less than a week old at the end of a unit will have a one-week submission period.

    Homework is a crucial part of your success in this class. Homework is collected (via Canvas) by 7:30am. After that, all missing assignments will receive a 0. However, the point of assignments/homework/labs and projects are to expose students to content and help them obtain mastery of that content through timely practice so that they are successful on high stakes final exams. Not completing assignments as assigned and submitting them late, hurts the students’ abilities to achieve mastery as they may go into assessments without feedback and practice.  Having late work also causes students to have to play "catch up" which causes additional stress on the student.

    Late Work Collection: Homework is due at 7:30am but students may receive full credit for a homework assignment by writing out the assignment on notebook paper and turning in the assignment to the teacher’s late work bin as instructed. A student cannot print out their completed assignment, it must be hand written and turned in by the end of the unit of study. 



    We will spend time on a daily basis working in small groups or individually on assignments.  THIS IS NOT FREE TIME.  When you are in this class you need to be working, if you are reminded repetitively about staying on task you will receive a zero for the assignment you are supposed to be working on. If the class cannot stay on task, this portion of the class will be cut out and all assignments will be completed solely at home. 


    Test and Quizzes: 

    Tests will always be announced at least 2 days prior and we will have periodic objective quizzes that cover concepts taught during the week. The objective quizzes are to assess essential concepts needed to be successful. This is not a class to fall behind in and these quizzes are to keep students on track. Any student not prepared for the objective quiz will need to see their instructor prior to this assessment. Objective quizzes will be included in the “Assessment” category.


    Science Department Retake Policy: 

    Students who are not satisfied with their score are permitted to complete a retake, however, they must meet the retake criteria, which include 1) the completion of all assignments leading up to the assessment 2) participation in tutoring/review that demonstrates an increase in their knowledge* 3) complete the retake assessment by the subsequent unit. It is the student’s responsibility to come into office hours before/after school and set up a time for the retake. 


    *Students will need to complete a retake review and complete to an accuracy of 85% before a student can retake an exam.  The review must be completed during Aca Prep or before/after school.



    After an absence, a student has one school day for each day missed to make up work/tests, regardless of the number of days absent. If many days were missed, please schedule an appointment with me to formulate a plan for the completion of make-up work. Make-up work for extended absences (over 3 days) may be requested through the Counseling Office and picked up there.  


    Academic Assistance:

    In addition to the Academic Prep times built into our schedule each week, additional assistance/tutoring is provided on a weekly basis both by MRHS and individually by instructors. Those dates and times will be posted in the classroom and/or on my website at the start of each week. I will demonstrate to the students how to find availability each week. I also encourage your son/daughter to write down my availability each week in their Mountain Ridge planner (provided by the school) so that you too are aware of my weekly availability.



    • Correct lab procedure will be explained before each lab and students must follow the lab safety rules reviewed at the start of the semester.

    • Breakage policy: see attached paper.

    • Horseplay will not be tolerated.  Students will be asked to leave the lab and will not receive credit.

    • NO water bottles will be allowed in lab.


    Additional Rules: (in accordance with the handbook)

    • No food, drinks, or candy are allowed in the classroom.  Only CLEAR water bottles with CLEAR water will be allowed.


    • ABSOLUTELY NO HATS IN THE CLASSROOM. Hats will be confiscated if students wear them in class. 


    Power Schools On-line Access: 

    Grades and attendance may be accessed 24 hours a day online with your Power School access code.  Access codes are available in the Counseling Office or Front Desk Monday – Friday 7:00 AM– 3:30 PM. You may check student progress regularly on the PowerSchool site using the same login for one or more students.  For Mountain Ridge parents/guardians without home computer access, a computer with guest log-in capability is available in the Counseling Conference Room.


    Report Cards

    In an effort to conserve resources and harness the capacity of our electronic grade reporting program (PowerSchool) district schools will no longer print hard copies of report cards unless requested by individual parents. To request a hard copy of your student’s report card, please contact the front office at 623-376-3000.  To receive your PowerSchool login, please stop into the office with a valid photo ID. 


    Daily Device Use (iPads)

    Students should come to school with their iPads charged and ready to use in each class every day. Devices may not be used to record or take photos of other people without their consent.  Consequences for classroom disruptions and misuse of devices will follow a progressive discipline model, beginning with a phone call home and progressing to office referrals for repeated or more serious offenses. See the Student Rights and Responsibilities consequence chart in the handbook for more specific descriptions of infractions and consequences.


    Calculator Policy: 

    A scientific calculator will be used frequently in this chemistry course. If a student does not have a scientific calculator, they are welcome to use the class set of calculators; with the understanding they are responsible for any damages and/or the calculator must be returned at the end of the class period. ONLY the class set of calculators may be used on quizzes, tests and exams; no personal calculators. Cell phones may not be substituted for calculators during class work. 


    MRHS Laboratory Breakage Policy

    The Mountain Ridge Science Department has a policy regarding the damage or breakage of laboratory equipment. In the event a student breaks any laboratory materials, that student will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of each item. A complete list of all laboratory materials and their costs are posted in each classroom.  The students are taught proper procedures and laboratory etiquette to ensure the safety of our students during lab activities. This policy helps hold the students accountable for their actions and reinforces careful laboratory procedures.