• Band Information


    5th - 6th Grade Band

    Students who are in 5th or 6th grade are eligible to participate in New River’s Band Program. This group meets during school hours. Students are pulled out of their class during the day to receive instruction on the instrument they want to learn. The schedule will be finalized when student numbers have been determined. In order for students to participate in Band, they will need to maintain a grade of “C” or higher in all classes. ALL PERFORMANCES ARE REQUIRED IF PARTICIPATING IN THIS GROUP. Students will need to supply their own instrument by either rental or purchase. On Thursday August 18th from 4:30P.M. - 5:30P.M. in the MPR, Music and Arts will be on campus to help with the rental process. It is one stop shopping for all required items for the class (instrument rental, reeds, care kits, the required book). It will require a phone to scan the QR code to begin the rental process. This is what I highly recommend, as they rent month to month and you can cancel at any time. If you choose to go this route, your card will be charged that date for the fees. If you would like to go somewhere else and shop around, that is completely fine. I have listed all of the required materials needed. If you have an old/used instrument in the garage, please feel free to send it my way to look at. If it is broken, you can always send it to Music and Arts or another reputable repair shop that can work on it! The instrument quality will and can affect your students' ability to progress on an instrument.


    4th Grade Band TBD

    Students in 4th grade will have the opportunity to learn about the different Band instruments that they can play when they are in 5th grade during their General Music classes, using the DVUSD’s Music Delivery Model (MDM) program. This helps students find which instrument they might be able to find success with when they join band. If you find that your student is extremely interested in joining band, then please reach out to me about them joining a before or after-school Band Club that will be opened up to 4th-6th graders. 4th Grade will not be pulled from their classes during the school day for Band. At the end of 4th Grade students will be surveyed to see if they are interested in joining Band in 5th grade!

    Required Material List for Band:

    Students will have the option of these instruments to choose from:

    • Instrument/Materials Needed

      • Flute

        • Care Kit

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Flute

      • Clarinet 

        • Bb Clarinet Rico Reeds 2.5 (10 Pack)

        • Care Kit

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Clarinet

      • Alto Sax

        • Alto Sax Rico Reeds 2.5 (10 pack)

        • Care Kit

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Alto Sax

      • Trumpet

        • Care kit with Valve Oil and Slide Grease

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Trumpet

      • Trombone

        • Care kit with valve Oil and Slide Grease

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Trombone

      • Baritone

        • Care kit with valve Oil and Slide Grease

        • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Baritone

      • Bell Kit - (Needs to communicate with teacher to ensure ensemble balance)

        • Bell Kit with the following:

          • Mallets

          • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 Percussion

          • Vic Firth American Custom SD1 General Drum Sticks Standard

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