• Grading Policy and Eligibility

    Grade checks will occur once a week on a day selected by each individual school. All students must have a D and above in each of their classes.

    First grade check, a student has an F in any class they are now in a pending status. The student may participate in practices and games. The student will be removed from Pending Status as soon as the Athletic Coordinator has been notified that the grade has improved.

    Second grade check a student has a F in any classes they are now ineligible status. The student may attend practices, the student may not attend away games, but may attend home games. However, they will not participate. The ineligible status ends once the classroom teacher emails the athletic coordinator that the grade has improved. If a student improves a grade and is removed from pending or ineligible status but has a F at a later grade check, they will go back to pending status.

    The third time a student athlete is deemed ineligible in any class during the season, they will be removed from the team per the district 3 strike rule. There are no refunds for fees or uniforms.


    Attached Below is the Sports Eligibility Letter.

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