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    Course Description

    This year we will be covering topics including: matter, force & motion, Earth & Moon, and adaptations & environment.

    Materials Needed

    • 1/2 Inch Binder
    • Colored pencils, pencil, highlighters, scissors

    Quarter 1


    Standards: 5.P1U1.1, 5.P1U1.2

    Quarter 2

    Force and Motion

    Standards: 5.P2U1.3, 5P3U1.4, 5.P3U2.5, 5.P3U1.6

    Quarter 3

    Earth and Moon

    Standards: 5.P2U1.3, 5.E2U1.7, 5.E2U1.8

    Quarter 4

    Adaptations and Environments

    Standards: 5.L4U3.9, 5.L4U3.10, 5.L4U3.11, 5.L4U3.12