• School Hours: Classes are in session between 8:15 to 3:00

    Pick up and Drop off: Student pick up and drop off area is located in the large parking lot to the north of campus in the front of the school.

    Morning Arrival: Kindergartners will report directly to the kindergarten playground every morning.

    Absences: Please notify the office if your child is or will be absent. The attendance number is 623-445-3590

    Backpacks: Please make sure your child’s backpack is large enough to fit a standard-sized folder. Please check your child’s backpack each day. Inside you will find a “School-Home Communication” folder. I will use this folder to send home newsletters,notes, notices, schoolwork and other important communications. Please check it every night and return it with your child each day.

    Snacks: We will have a working snack every day. However, the snack must be healthy. Your child may bring cheese, crackers, fruit, yogurt, pretzels etc.  ONLY water is allowed in the classroom. If you send a water bottle to school for your child, please make sure it has their name on it and it has a leak-proof cap.

    Nuts: Due to nut allergies, please make sure your child’s snack is nut free.

    Transportation: Please do not rely on your child to deliver a verbal message to school regarding a change in their usual transportation. As soon as possible, PLEASE call the office, email, or send me a note in your child’s “School-Home Communication” folder to advise of any changes in transportation. The change must be made before 1:00 pm. Also, please make sure your child is aware of the change.

    Dismissal: If your child is scheduled to ride the bus, he/she will be put on the bus unless we have been notified of the change either verbally or in writing by 1:00 pm that day.  If your child is scheduled to be picked up by car, he/she will be taken to the parents' pick-up unless we have been notified of the change either verbally or in writing by 1:00 pm that day. If your child is scheduled for aftercare, he/she will be taken to aftercare unless we have been notified of the change either verbally or in writing by 1:00 pm that day.

    Parent Pick Up: If your child is scheduled for parent pick up, he/she will not be released to a person who is not listed on the pick up release form in the office. 

    Birthdays: We love to celebrate birthdays. On your child's birthday you may send in individually wrapped, store-bought treats for the class. You can also opt for a non-food option such as playdough, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May. 

    Student of The Week: Starting in September we will begin student of the week. Your child will be given a list of activities for the week they are being spotlighted. In our newsletter, I will print a list of dates for each child. Parents can order photos. It is a great way for us to learn about your child in our community of learners.

    Parent Volunteers:Please read our class newsletter for information regarding signing up for parent volunteer training . All parent volunteers are required to attend training prior to volunteering. Parent volunteers will begin later in the Fall, so students have the opportunity to adjust to the classroom environment.