• Children are more successful when they know what is going to happen.  This is true for classroom routines and redirecting challenging behaviors.

    • We have a classroom schedule that is visible and the children can move an arrow to show what is going to happen next. If the schedule changes for any reason, we    will talk about it so if there are any questions, they can be answered.   
    • We will create rules for our classroom as a group. 
    • We'll talk about each rule and why the children think it's important.
    • Children will learn independence and to accept responsibility.  Everyone makes mistakes and our class is a safe place to learn from them.
    • When disagreements arise, the teachers are there to mediate and guide the children to a compromise.  
    • If children are having a difficult time, they will be talked to and given strategies to use to get them through any given moment during the day.  

    In my experience, these are some good methods to ensure a smooth and fun preschool day!