• 8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus 2022-23


    8th grade social studies is the capstone for everything students have learned throughout their elementary experience and are now putting it into action.  Civics and citizenship engagement in today’s society will be taught through inquiry. United States history will focus on the major events that have their roots in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent amendments. Students will make connections between historical and current issues as a basis for implementing change in society.  


    Our units of study this year included:

    • Foundations of Government
    • Structure of the U.S Government
    • Bill of Rights
    • Immigration & Social Change
    • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
    • Service Learning

                         * For a more in-depth overview:  Go to the bottom of the page.


    Important and exciting aspects of YOUR final year at Sonoran Foothills:

    Quarter 1:  You are top of the school and are now Bobcat Citizen Ambassadors  

    Quarter 2:  Civics Test (required to pass with < 70% to graduate high school)

    Quarter 3:  Washington, D.C. Trip!  An amazing opportunity to experience our country’s capital first hand while visiting monuments, memorials and museums with guided tours and discussion groups about government. Get a first-hand look at how the legislative branch works as you walk the halls of Congress and tour Capitol Hill.  More info on Washington D.C. link on this website in digital brochure.

    Quarter 4:  End of year class reward trip, 8th Grade Promotion!  


    Class Expectations: (see more in-depth list on "Class Expectations" page on website.

    • All students are expected to actively participate in class.
    • All students will treat everyone with respect, kindness and good manners.
    • Come to class prepared with a notebook (this can be a spiral or 3-ring binder), writing utensil, and charged Chromebook
    • Keep the classroom clean, pick up trash on your way out of class.  NO gum chewing, eating or drinking in class. Water only.
    • Turn work in ON Time
    • Be 8th grade Bobcat Ambassadors to the entire school *(more to come on this)

    Contact Mrs. Whittemore  

    Best by email @ robin.whittemore@dvusd.org                      Phone extension:  623-445-8467


    * In Depth Units of study:

    ● Foundations of the United States government stemming from historical events such as the American Revolution and Civil War
    ● Constitution including structure, function, and principles
    ● Formal institutions such as Congress, the courts, the presidency, and linkage institutions such as media, elections, interest groups, polling, and political parties
    ● Historical and current legislation and landmark Supreme Court cases
    ● Civil rights movements throughout American history, such as African-Americans, Latinx, Asian-Americans, women, American Indians, LGBTQ individuals, people
    with disabilities, youth, and the elderly
    ● Immigration
    ● Amendments to the Constitution that have expanded the right to vote and equal protection under the law
    ● Social movements and issues both historical and current, including the constitutional principles and structures (amendments, courts, Congress, and executive
    orders) that spur, promote, and protect these movements.
    ● Human rights and genocides, including treaties and organizations that promote human rights and a study of the nations and leaders that abuse human rights and/or
    support genocide (In addition to the study of the Holocaust, other genocides should be studied.)
    ● Environmental issues
    ● Information and media age including digital citizenship and media literacy
    ● Terrorism both domestic and international and how it influences citizens’ safety and rights
    ● Examination of primary and secondary sources including written and oral histories, images, and artifacts
    ● Disciplinary skills and processes including change and continuity over time, multiple perspectives, using and understanding sources, and cause and effect

    8th Grade SS Standards are linked on the Home Page at the very top.