• Diamond Canyon's Mission

    Our mission at Diamond Canyon is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to every learner

    The Diamond Canyon Staff believes…

    Good Schools Teach

    • character building
    • that academic success comes from a well-balanced, whole-child approach to learning
    • the state standards by teaching to every child’s level


    A Good School

    • has strong leadership that involves all community members
    • inspires students to learn in a safe environment while maintaining standards


    A Successful Student

    • is able to demonstrate self-confidence, knowledge, and understanding
    • knows that they are valued
    • challenges themselves and takes responsibility for their own learning


    A Good Teacher

    • meets the social, emotional and academic needs of all students
    • is respectful to all and communicates high expectations


    An Effective Faculty

    • is a supportive community which puts kids first
    • continues to learn and challenge themselves
    • shares ideas and knowledge while demonstrating strong leadership as a team


    A Quality Instructional Program

    • is aligned with standards, research and is developmentally appropriate
    • is always evolving, evaluating, and refining
    • actively engages teachers and students


    An Effective Classroom

    • uses a balanced approach and differentiated methods to achieve active learning
    • provides a safe learning environment where risk-taking is the norm


    Mascot:  Coyotes
    Year Opened: 2004
    Colors: Purple, Black and White