• Class Expectations

    I have high expectations for my class because I know each of my students CAN and WILL achieve great things. I will go over all expectations in class, but here are our school-wide and general standards.

    No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.


    • I use ClassDojo, Blackboard, phone call, and email to reach parents and students, and I can be reached through any of those means. 
    • I send materials home on Tuesdays in each student's "Take Home Tuesday" folder. Materials are often things that require signature.
    • I send homework (if any is assigned) and any other student resources home in each student's personal folder everyday. If I send something home, unless otherwise noted, it is due the next day. 

    Roadrunners RULE:

    • Respect everyone 
    • Use kind words and actions
    • Learn by taking risks
    • Engage in safe activities

    Student Recognition:

    • We use RULE tickets to reinforce positive behaviors and accomplishments at Mirage
    • We utilize ClassDojo points to reinforce positive behaviors and accomplishments. Parents can connect and see student accounts.