• Welcome to the Boulder Creek Men's Golf Page.        


    This is our 11th year as a golf program and at the varsity level.  We have finished in the top 10 in the state for eight of the ten previous seasons.  Many of our golfers have gone on to play golf at the college level and one is on the Pro Tour.  Our home course is either of the Anthem Country Club Private Courses, Ironwood or Persimmon.  We are very fortunate to be granted the privilege of playing and practicing at such a top notch facility.  


    2014-2015 School year.

    We will have a MEETING IN MY CLASSROOM, 631 at 2:15pm on AUGUST 11th.  All MUST ATTEND the MEETING on the 11th.  

    Our FIRST DAY ON THE COURSE will be TUESDAY, AUGUST 12th at 2:45pm.  Tryouts will be at the Ironwood Course and start at 2:45pm.  All participants MUST be cleared for tryouts by the Athletic Department.  They must have a complete Athletic Packet in the office prior to tryouts.  Tryouts may last 1 day to a few weeks.  That will depend on the ability of the golfers.  Our team is extremely competitive and is a varsity only program.  The number of golfers on the team range from 7 to 15 depending on the ability level.  


    Athletic Packets are to be found at the High School or on line at the Boulder Creek site>get involved>Athletics> Complete Athletic Clearance Packet.


    Our first match is August 26th.  


    If you have questions please email me at Jay.Kopas@dvusd.org.  

    TRYOUTS: 1st day WILL BE a MEETING IN ROOM 631, Monday, August 11 at 2:15PM

    You MUST wear appropriate golf attire.   If NOT you will be sent home and excused from further tryouts!  If you do not know what appropriate golf attire is, find out!  YOU MUST BE CLEARED FROM THE ATHLETIC OFFICE PRIOR TO TRYING OUT.  Cuts may be made after the first day.  The 2nd day of on the course tryouts-by invitation only,  will be Wednesday, August 13th at 2:45pm.

    All golfers are expected to be at the first day of tryouts.  Contact me at jay.kopas@dvusd.org if you have questions.  (623-680-5183) if I do not respond to email within 24 hours).

    Here is where you can get the 2014 Athletic Packet: 
    It must be handed in to the Athletic Director Secretary and CLEARED by them BEFORE Trying out!