Phone: (623) 445-3171


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Business of Secondary Education (in-progress)

Mr. Josh Baloney

SPED Biology

ALgebra 3-4

ELA 3-4

Room #418

Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Arizona in 2012, (7 years after being affected by Hurricane Katrina), in order to get a fresh start on life in a much less chaotic environment. I originally intended to enter the medical field as a career, but over the years i was moved to continue the education I started, pre-Katrina, and become an educator.

This is my very first year teaching in any capacity. I am completing my degree, (Business of Secondary Education), at GCU. I have about a year and a few months to go, and I'm grinding away. Oh, and I'm also the Head Coach of  the girls' basketball team. Basketball is my first

I love what I am doing and I have a passion for education, apparently. Something I never thought I'd have as a youngster. The lesson I teach kids about life is, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Struggle is a good thing, because without it we wouldn't know progress.