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Dr. Eric Comer


12th Grade

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. My parents, both educators, modeled a life of public service and helped me to discover how a positive attitude, perseverance, hard work, and humility contribute to a person’s character and build a foundation for success. In high school, I had a myriad of opportunities to hone skills I still use today. I participated in choral and instrumental music, debate, tennis, and baseball. I am grateful for those experiences and still hold many of my  teachers in the highest regard. After a few years teaching science, I chose to pursue a Masters in Educational Psychology to learn how people learn. This experience taught me that anyone, no matter their background, experiences, or ability level can learn. This core belief drives my passion for the teaching and learning process. For the past 23 years, I have served in our public schools as a teacher and administrator. I am proud to continue my journey serving the Barry Goldwater High School Community and look forward to working with each of you to establish and sustain academic excellence, innovation, and a culture of kindness.